Emilie Begin ’17 and Michele LeBlanc ’17

Emilie Begin '17 and Michele LeBlanc '17
May 20, 2020

Emilie Begin ’17 and Michele LeBlanc ’17 have been sending out handwritten cards to other SJA alumni with messages of care and support. They have both returned home from college and have been volunteering in addition to finishing up their semester’s work remotely. 


The SJA Alumni Office has been busy connecting with alumni to check in during these challenging times. This has happened via text messages, emails and phone calls. Emilie and Michele readily agreed to help with this effort by sending personal notes to individuals who are not reachable by those methods. They loved the idea of helping to brighten someone’s day. To date, they have sent out a total of 70 cards. They have certainly made an impact as the office has received calls of thanks. 


Thank you, Emilie and Michele, for sending a little sunshine to your fellow alumni!


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