Brendan Hughes ’12

Brendan Hughes and friends
April 21, 2020

Brendan is the President and Co-Founder of St. Johnsbury Distillery. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Brendan and his team, Dan Hughes (past parent), Greg Piper ’12, Mark Kuligoski ’12, and Brian Garvey, began producing more than just the rum that the company is known for; they began producing hand-sanitizer to support the local community. They make all of their alcohol in-house, allowing them an opportunity to produce hand sanitizer constantly. Product has been distributed mainly to health agencies, first responders, and essential businesses. They also make 4 oz bottles for the greater community for personal use. Recently, they have been identified as a supplier for the State of Vermont to help combat the spread of illness. 


Brendan has always cared deeply about his community. In addition to running a company, he serves as a selectman for the town of St. Johnsbury, Board President for the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, and holds the position of Associate Director of Admissions and Alumni Liaison for SJA. During his time at St. Johnsbury Academy, he was the student body president. It is clear that his kindness and drive to improve his campus and community didn’t stop after graduation. 



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