Appreciating Educators — Barnet School

Staff at Barnet School
October 22, 2020

Sandra Mings Lamar, Director of Adult Education, sent us a recommendation to highlight the work of the Barnet School teachers. She shared:


The teachers at Barnet school are answering to students who are in class every day, to students who are remote every day, and to students who are hybrid: some remote some at home.


I see teachers creating videos late at night to teach skills being covered the next day in class, so they can post the lesson in the morning before 8 for their remote-only learners. I see the essential arts teachers putting together lessons that can be done outside so kids at home aren’t staring at a screen all day. In addition, these teachers work with every student, so they are creating these for multiple grade levels — that’s a lot of prep periods. I see middle school teachers doing all of this as well as planning for different groups of middle schoolers to be in the building certain days while others are in on other days.


While many schools in the area have “work at home Wednesdays” or “work at home Fridays” which give teachers some breathing space, Barnet teachers go in every day and most are making online lessons every night to post in the morning. They are also taking all the safety precautions very seriously. It is a tireless job and they are all doing it amazingly well. Please include them as SJA Shining Stars.


Barnet School Principal Dr. Luisa Millington was thrilled to have the school’s teachers be recognized. Her thoughts on the entire school staff showed the need to recognize all involved in educating students in the Barnet community. She stated:


The entire staff at Barnet School is working hard to provide the best learning experience for our students during the unknown. We are clearly facing unique challenges, but the commitment of our staff and its dedication to our students’ well-being and safety is unwavering. We are blessed with an amazing group of talented educators who deeply care about children and who work above and beyond their call of duty to support them.


Thank you to all of the Barnet School teachers:


Caroline Roy Adams ’00

Lindsey Stahler LaCoss ‘03

Amanda Babcock

James Lamar

Nancy Bailey

Heather MacDonald

Eric Bogie

Beverly McCarthy

Taylor Willey Brink ’15

Jake Mead

Melissa Bushey

Amanda Norton

Tammy Jewell Carpenter ’88

Melinda Mooney Pilner ’00

Sean Clarke

Angel Roy

Margaret Clayton

Beth Simpson

Luna Dunbar

Matthew Smith

Christina Fearon ’85

Steve Smith

Scott Foote

Penny Stevenson

Shannon Jefferson Harvey ’12

Ruth Vaal

Susan Jensen



Thank you to the all of the support and other staff at Barnet School:


Michael Bigelow ’94

Jeanette Liberty

Renee Calcagni

Scott Liveston

Evan Chase

Ana Goyet Marcotte ’02

Belinda Emmons

Tina Morrison

Brandon Flood

Kate Nester

Sandra Furman

Christopher Oliver

Valerie Gombas

Bobbie Butler Roy ’99

Rhonda Hannon

Alison Youens

Melanie Jacques-Staats




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