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Through our collaboration with Ystera Air, SJA Adult Education is able to bring Ground School to you! Ystera Air writes, “Ground School at Ystera Air is the bedrock of your aviation journey. It’s where the intricate tapestry of flight is unraveled, laying out the fundamental principles every pilot must master. Beyond just theory, our Ground School instills a deep understanding of the science and regulations governing the skies. It’s a structured realm of learning, ensuring that before you take to the air, you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate it safely and proficiently.”



Your Itinerary as described by ytsera air


At Ytsera Air, we believe in structured, comprehensive learning that ensures every student is well-prepared and confident. Here’s a breakdown of what our Ground School journey entails:


Twelve Comprehensive Sessions: Designed to cover the breadth and depth of content featured in the FAA Knowledge test. This rigorous curriculum not only prepares you for the test but also sets a robust foundation for your subsequent Private Pilot training.


Collaborative Group Learning: Benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of your peers.Engaging group sessions foster a collaborative learning environment, allowing students to share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other.


Instructor-Led Q&A Sessions: Every question is an opportunity to learn. Our Ground School Instructor, also a Certified Flight Instructor, hosts dedicated Q&A sessions to address any queries, ensuring clarity and reinforcing learning. 



Who is this for?


Ytsera Air’s Ground School is tailored for the dreamers ready to anchor their aspirations in solid understanding, the curious minds eager to decode the science behind the skies, and the dedicated souls yearning for a genuine connection to aviation. Whether you’re taking the first step towards a piloting career, a hobbyist aiming for a deeper understanding, or someone revisiting aviation fundamentals, our our school stands as a beacon, guiding all with a passion for flight.  





Sara O’Connor

Ytsera Air, CFI

Sara likes to go fast and go places which makes being a pilot the perfect fit. Having traveled to 37 countries since 2002, she calls Colorado and Vermont home. Sara did her flight training in Vermont and currently holds a Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating for single engine land aircraft. She became a Certified Flight Instructor in late 2022 and will be instructing through Ystera Air in a Cessna 150 at Caledonia County Airport. In the future she hopes to earn her sea-plane and multi-engine rating.





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