The Boarding Experience at SJA

Marcella Milne

Hometown: Lyme, New Hampshire


I have spent all four years of my high school career at St. Johnsbury Academy. I’m grateful to have experienced the Academy as both a day and a boarding student, and these experiences helped bring me out of my shell and become the outgoing young woman I am today. As I moved through my years at SJA, I started taking art courses. I have been fully immersed in the hands-on art classes here, and I have loved every second of each class I’ve taken which include drawing and painting, oil painting, all photo classes up to advanced, as well as art capstone. I discovered new hobbies like photography here with the wide variety of classes to pick from. During my sophomore year, I tried out an introductory photography class. Since then, I have taken every photo class and advanced my photography skills beyond my expectations, and I even did my senior capstone revolving around images that I had taken.


The arts program has helped me find myself and what I love to do, and I will even be minoring in photography in college. Each teacher has been extremely helpful and supportive, and most importantly, passionate about what they teach and the care they have for their students. This passion makes you enjoy the class even more. I have always been engaged and even when I’m struggling they make me feel okay about it. Mrs. Prevost, the photography teacher and art department chair, has served as my mentor throughout these four years of high school and has taught me how to love what I do.

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