Kayla Stowe ’10

Kayla Stowe '10
August 18, 2020

Kayla Stowe ’10 is a registered nurse at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Bermuda.


Kayla has been a nurse at King’s Hospital for two and a half years. She was recommended as a Shining Star by her SJA dorm proctor, Shondelle Paynter ’94. She is extremely proud of Kayla.  


Throughout the pandemic, Kayla has been working on the medical-surgical floor and has been providing direct care to patients with COVID-19. Her photo shows her about to enter a room with one of these patients.


Kayla shared that one of her favorite quotes is from her time as a resident student in Sheepcote Dorm, which she learned from Shondelle.


“Small gestures heal deep wounds. Keep on pushing!”


Thank you to Kayla for serving on the front lines and  providing care to patients affected by the pandemic. Our thoughts are with you as you continue to serve your community.  



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