Justin Fontaine ’12

Justin Fontaine
September 24, 2020

 Justin Fontaine ’12 is the new head athletic trainer and assistant athletic director at U-32 Middle & High school in Montpelier, Vermont.


The pandemic has created many challenges and changes as we adapt to the new requirements for safety in our communities and schools. Additional student activities, like sports, bring joy to participants. Even if they can’t compete, the activities associated with practicing, scrimmaging, and conditioning help keep students in top shape and bring a sense of normalcy – despite precautionary measures.  Justin’s role is crucial to creating a positive athletic experience at U-32.


SJA’s Head Athletic Trainer Chris Despins recommended Justin for recognition as a SJA Shining Star. He shared, “I was very fortunate to have Justin as a student in my Sports Medicine II class. He excelled in all aspects of the class and showed a genuine interest in the field of sports medicine. I know Justin will provide exceptional care for all athletes he comes in contact with. I am so proud to recognize Justin Fontaine as one of my peers.”


Justin is off to a great start at U-32. Hank Van Orman, former SJA assistant athletic director and current director of athletics and activities at U-32 stated:


Justin comes to us with outstanding professional experience and a true heart in providing the best possible health care for all student athletes. Upon his entrance, he has already made great strides in making his training facility a welcoming, friendly, and efficient space, and has made a positive first impression with everyone in our Raider community.   It is immediately evident that Justin has come to us from a great academic community and background, and has had tremendous mentors in his life like Chris Despins!  We are both honored and excited to have him become part of our family.


Thank you to Justin for filling this important role at U-32 and for inspiring and caring for their athletes. We wish you the best of luck in your new role!  



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