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Starting Your Leadership Journey: All 5 Sessions


Are you a new manager who has been promoted from within your organization? Were you promoted without extensive experience in leadership roles? Are you new to leadership? 


Training in leadership can significantly benefit your success and the success of your department, unit, or team. Are you a manager who has just promoted someone like this?


New leaders are invited to attend Starting Your Leadership Journey, a series of five workshops focused on leadership essentials. 



Dr. Martha Dubuque has over 40 years of experience as an educator. Her extensive background in educational leadership includes over a decade of work as a principal in local schools, for which she was recognized as a National Distinguished Principal in 2010. Dr. Dubuque has been a highly-respected Consultant and Professional Developer in St. Johnsbury since 2000.




Shift from Colleague to Supervisor
Learn about shifting your mindset, acknowledging some key realities, and developing important practices. 
Friday, January 20 | 8:30AM-12:30



Building Relationships
Learn about building relationships, building credibility, and understanding personal styles. 
Friday, February 10 | 8:30AM-12:30



Building Hope and Trust in Your Department or Organization
Learn about knowing staff members’ basic needs, promoting a positive climate, and developing practices to promote hope and trust.
Friday, March 10 | 8:30AM-12:30


Building Strong Teams
Learn about establishing clarity and shared understanding, promoting collaboration, and developing a team skill set. 
Friday, March 24 | 8:30AM-12:30



Essentials of Leadership
Learn about developing self-awareness and reflection, maintaining integrity, and supporting employees through change. 
Friday, April 14  | 8:30AM-12:30



For questions or more information about this course contact Sandra Mings Lamar at (802) 748-7738 or smingslamar@stjacademy.org.




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