Cyndie Mathews Payeur ’91

Cynthia Payeur
May 14, 2020

Cyndie Mathews Payeur ’91 is a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room at NVRH. Cyndie has worked in the OR at NVRH since 2012 as a scrub nurse and is now trained as a circulating nurse, making her incredibly versatile in the OR and a valuable member of the team. 


Julie Schneckenburger, Chief Nursing Officer, shared, “During this pandemic, she offered to work on the Med/Surg unit and in our Respiratory Intensive Care Unit as a support nurse to the ICU nurse. Cyndie is very competent and confident working in the OR; she never hesitates to help others learn and grow in their roles.”


Thank you, Cyndie, for your dedication to caring for our community.



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