Anna Ely Talbot ’93

Anna Talbot
May 10, 2020

Anna Ely Talbot ’93 works in the Environmental Services Department at NVRH and has been there for more than 8 years. She is also an LNA, but right now is solely focusing on this role. Without people like Anna, focused on the cleanliness of the hospital, others wouldn’t be able to do their job of caring for our community safely.


Anna takes great pride in her work and understands the responsibility she has to follow proper precautions and procedures. She shared that it is a challenging time as she works more hours and in various areas of the hospital, dons important PPE and is concerned about the health and safety of her family, co-workers and the patients. Yet, she continues to work hard and tries to do the best she can at her job. She works to appreciate people around her and to be a good role model to her team. Anna’s dad, Gary Ely ’57 T is her inspiration. She shared that he tells her, “Your job is to bring joy into the hospital and a smile to people’s faces.” That is what she tries to do every day, even if right now, it’s hard to tell if people are smiling under their masks.


Thank you, Anna, for all you are doing to help NVRH care for our community!



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