Campaign Themes


Over the past two years, we have done extensive work gathering input and information from key stakeholders. From those meetings and data gathering, three major themes were identified.

Community and Belonging


  • Create spaces and programs to enhance connection, access, and belonging


  • Develop practices and policies to promote equity at SJA


  • Integrate student life, health and wellness, athletics, and academics


  • Continue and build upon community programming and youth recreation


  • Empower student voice and leadership

Health, Wellness, and Fitness


  • Build a new center for student life and athletics:


    • Add multi-use and flexible areas for clubs, meetings, events, etc.


    • Expand and refurbish athletic spaces, athletic training, and team facilities


    • Incorporate natural light, improved air quality and acoustics, and provide safe playing surfaces and spaces


  • Emphasize integrative wellness, mental health, and lifelong fitness


  • Enhance multi-year health curriculum and outdoor education

Sustainability and Stewardship


  • Expand endowment to ensure affordability, assistance, and opportunities


  • Hire, retain, support, and develop expert faculty and staff


  • Be a leader in promoting environmental sustainability and energy efficiency


  • Continue to be an economic driver and educational hub in St. Johnsbury and the region

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