Jody Fried

Executive Director, Catamount Arts

Jody Fried

Jody has been the Executive Director of Catamount Film & Arts in St. Johnsbury since 2008. He also works at the Snelling Center for Government as the Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute. His work as a volunteer in the Northeast Kingdom is extensive including serving as the current President of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Kingdom Collaborative, as a Corporator of the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, and as the past President of both the Burke Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association. He has also served in various statewide leadership roles including as the current Chair of the Vermont Creative Network and as a Governor-appointed member of the Vermont Travel and Recreation Council, as well as having previously served as a founding member of the Vermont Tax Advisory Board.


“I am excited about the SJA Summer Symposium because it creates an opportunity for teachers and administrators to convene and experience both in peer-to-peer learning and expert panels regarding the significant innovations born from the pandemic. The impacts of COVID-19 on communities have been tremendous and those organizations that are able to harness the new opportunities for positive change will be more effective and resilient in the future.”