Janae Peters

Founding Faculty, The Mastery School of Hawken

Janae Peters

Janae Peters is an educator who actively integrates clinical social work into all aspects of her educational environments. She spends most of her time working with high school students, but has also taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In every realm, she has engaged a relational, process, and liberation-oriented approach to teaching and learning and always has a highest goal of understanding how different social, emotional, political, historical, and environmental contexts influence the learning process and what intentional practices might disrupt and then transform outcomes. A growing concern about identity development, social identity, social identity threat, and the impact of oppression and oppressive systems on growth and positive outcomes in the educational environment created in her a sense of urgency in working to learn how to improve the educational and identity development experience for all people, regardless of what we are learning. She believes that mentorship and relationship are crucial to student and educator growth and development and has been working to find more ways to intentionally integrate this into community learning processes. Janae has created advisory programs from the ground up, implemented policy and programmatic shifts that center on racial equity, racial justice, anti-racist, and restorative practices, served as a Dean of Students, School Counselor, Dorm Head, teacher, coach, has taught on the East Coast, in the South, in the Midwest, and in South Korea for a summer. She is currently a Founding Faculty member on a team that has designed and opened The Mastery School of Hawken in Cleveland, Ohio. The school is determined to serve as a model for transforming education as we have come to understand it and the lives of the people within educational environments.


“This past year has made clear to me that education can indeed experience—and support—a transformational shift on local, regional, national, philosophical, and fundamental levels. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share space at the symposium with folks who are ready to take our Big Thoughts to the next level. I am always eager to learn from and be transformed by folks with a mind to not just change, but disrupt and improve the game.”