Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf

Principal Researcher, WolfBrown

Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf

Dennie Wolf trained as a researcher at Harvard Project Zero where she led studies on the early development of artistic and symbolic capacities. She directed Project PACE (Projects in Active Cultural Engagement) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an organization that focused on children and youth as vital, but often ignored, forces in cultural planning. She pioneered evaluation studies that build the capacities of organizations, funders, and the communities they serve, co-authoring More Than Measuring, a longitudinal study of the effects of arts-based learning, sponsored by Big Thought, a 50-organization consortium in Dallas. Wolf has published widely on issues of assessment, evaluation, artistic, and imaginative development in children and youth. At the heart of her work is a commitment to increasing children and youth’s access to learning featuring inquiry, innovation, and imagination both in and out of school. She is a principal at the arts and cultural research firm, WolfBrown.


“I am excited and humbled to be included in a symposium of brilliant and creative minds, and I look forward to imagining the next moment in American Education. I am excited to learn from participants.”