Dairrick Khalil Hodges

Performing Artist, Vocalist, Musician, Activist, Survivor

Dairrick Khalil Hodges

Dairrick Khalil Hodges founded the SOULcial Workers, a theatre arts organization for creative youth development that offers original productions, programs, and events dedicated to the Social Education and Emotional Development of youth in vulnerable populations. The organization is committed to suicide prevention through restoring healthy relationships and ending the silence around the stigmatization of mental and emotional wellness. SOULcial Workers uses theatre edutainment to teach healthy relationships by offering tools for understanding things like shame and vulnerability, power and control and shares stories to strengthen compassion and empathy. They help youth through the process of creating original theatrical productions that not only serve as a reflection to help them better understand who they are but also builds a community around the experiences they share, giving them a tangible experience of their own power to impact, empower, and inspire change in those around them.


“We see a world where all youth have the safety and support to explore and develop their identity. A world where all youth are provided with an equitable education, ample access to the arts; and are nurtured by compassionate, creative and connected communities.”