Supporters of the Class of 1976 Challenge Day

November 25, 2020

Today’s SJA Shining Stars are the Class of 1976 and all who took part in their Challenge Day of Giving for SJA held on November 17th.


Reunion giving is one way to support and enhance the mission of the Academy. During the pandemic, finding creative ways to increase connections to our school shows our students, faculty, and staff that those who came before are invested in their success.


The Class of 1976, who will be celebrating their 45th reunion next year, challenged all classes to give to SJA through a virtual day of giving. The competition focused on class participation. The goal was to support the SJA Assistance Fund to help provide the necessary technology, training, and health and safety measures needed to help our school community thrive during these challenging times.


The response to the giving day was tremendous and inspiring. Alumni shared videos, 153 individuals donated, and we received thoughtful messages of gratitude and concern for SJA.


Congratulations to the Class of 1984, who snuck ahead of the Class of 1976 and won the class participation challenge.


                1st Place — Class of 1984

                2nd Place — SJA Faculty and Staff

                3rd Place — Class of 1976

                4th Place — Class of 1988

                5th Place — Class of 1998


We thank ALL who participated for your support and for being a part of our school community.


The challenge continues! Join in on the fun today at Giving day videos can be viewed on Smugmug




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