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Virtual ACADEMY: What you need to know

Many St. Johnsbury Academy students, especially our boarding students, needed to begin the 2020-2021 academic year in a completely online environment, with the option and hope to continue in person when that is possible. To best serve these students, we built a live and synchronous online program called St. Johnsbury Virtual Academy (SJVA).


Synchronous Learning 

The SJVA offers an online experience for students that is engaging and rich. We know that being able to talk to teachers and work in real-time with peers are both critical to a positive online learning experience. We schedule classes depending on where you live.


  • Students who are in the Americas (at most three hours difference in time zone) access all their courses synchronously (in live time) via Zoom. Students in the Americas have access to all educational opportunities — courses, advising, and online extra-curriculars — provided by the normal schedule of the Academy. Monday-Thursday, the school day runs from 8:00 a.m. EST to 3:30 p.m. EST and like their peers here in St. Johnsbury, students are expected to attend classes at the scheduled times. On Fridays, we have an abbreviated schedule.


  • Students in China and other Asian countries have access to a select number of courses matching student interest.

    • Some of these courses are offered blocks A or B which is early enough to allow these students access to the course alongside their peers at SJA.

    • Other courses are offered in special online-only time slots to allow these students and teachers to participate at appropriate times. These time slots are as follows:

      • Block L – 5:00 a.m. EST

      • Block M – 6:00 a.m. EST

      • Block N – 7:00 a.m. EST

      • On Fridays we have an abbreviated schedule.


  • Students in Asia have access to college counseling and extracurricular opportunities tailored to their needs.


  • For students in Europe with about a 4 to 7 hour time zone difference, following the normal daily schedule provides them with the best experience.



View the SJA Virtual Academy 2021 Daily Schedule for Students in Asia


Rigorous Academics and Support

We recognize that online learning is only as good as the strong remote teaching, course design, student support, and engagement that we can provide. Our teachers have developed online versions of the courses they teach, understanding that the most important element of our Virtual Academy is the relationship between teachers and students, and that all courses are designed with this close engagement and support as a priority. We also offer opportunities for real-time college counseling support for our Virtual Academy students through our Office of Guidance and College Counseling. 


A selection of courses such as AP Calculus, English, AP Microeconomics, AP Research, ESL, Visual Art, and others are available. 


Tuition and Costs

The cost for the year of the St. Johnsbury Virtual Academy is $19,500. We have intentionally kept this tuition affordable given all the stresses we recognize currently exist for our international families, and that only a small fraction of the full SJA experience can possibly be recreated remotely. Nevertheless, we aim to provide a great learning experience in the SJVA and we hope that those students who are not able to join us in person will take advantage of this mode of connection until they can return to campus.

We’re here to help!


Kendra Brazeau

Virtual Academy Director

WeChat: KendraBrazeau
(802) 751-2361