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St. Johnsbury Academy

Founded in 1842, St. Johnsbury Academy is a comprehensive independent day and boarding school widely praised for its successful development of character, academic excellence, and community in its students.


Learn more about St. Johnsbury Academy.

Chamber of Commerce

St. Johnsbury is an incredibly vibrant small town located in Vermont’s “Northeast Kingdom.”


To learn more about this fabulous community, visit the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce.


You can also visit the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce for more about our region.

Parks, Facilities, and Partners



Arnold Park

Arnold Park is named after the first settler to St. Johnsbury and features “The Lady,” a beautiful fountain recently restored that was first installed in 1891. The park is at the north end of Main Street, which is also home to a self-guided historic walking tour. Information about the tour is available from the Welcome Center on Railroad Street.

Four Seasons Park

Located in St. Johnsbury’s “Four Seasons Neighborhood” on the corner of Main and Winter, this park features a playground, benches, lovely garden, and open space for passive and active recreation. In the summer it plays host to a free outdoor concert series and Tai Chi in the parks (A program of the Area Agency on Aging), and in the winter it is flooded and converted to a skating rink complete with warming shed.

Fred Mold Park

Fred Mold Park is perhaps one of St. Johnsbury’s most popular picnic spots. This scenic park is located at the confluence of the Moose and Passumpsic Rivers and is actually stocked as “trophy” trout waters. The park’s namesake Fred Mold became the director of the Fairbanks Museum in 1948. Mold shared a passion for weather phenomena and natural history with the Museum’s founder, Franklin Fairbanks. He took advantage of an important technology, newly available to the northern Vermont region – radio. WTWN was the first local broadcasting station, and Mold initiated three-minute weather reports three times a day. Together with his Museum staff, Mold brought the Museum’s weather observation and reporting system to a more efficient, professional level. Part of the popularity of these early broadcasts came from Mold’s folksy style, peppering his forecasts with local stories, bird calls, and nature lore. This tradition of bringing history and folklore into weather broadcasts continues today, with the addition of agricultural, recreational, and astronomical information, and remains one of its most distinctive features.

Three Rivers Transportation Path and Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

St. Johnsbury was once the beginning (or terminus)of the Lamoille Valley Rail Road, which served the state from 1877 to 1994. The former rail way is now in the process of being converted to a multi use trail. When completed, the new LVRT will be an unparalleled experience, spanning the breadth of Vermont from St. Johnsbury to Swanton, and crossing eighteen communities along the route. Nearly 100 miles long, the LVRT will be the longest rail trail in New England, offering spectacular vistas and local hospitality and services for hikers, bikers, equestrians, snowmobilers, snowshoers, dog mushers and cross-country skiers and a host of other users and organizations. The St. Johnsbury trail head is located on South Main Street and there is presently about a 1 mile section that is complete. It is expected that by mid summer 2015 the trail will be rideable to West Danville, approximately 14 miles from the St. Johnsbury trailhead.


Learn more about the LVRT

Town Forest

The St. Johnsbury Town Forest is an easily accessible “hidden gem.” Within walking distance of our downtown, this 97 acre municipal forest features a scenic trail network with views looking back to town and alongside the Moose River. There is also a large picnic pavilion constructed by the St. Johnsbury Rotary Club that is great for family picnics. The trail head is located off of Concord Avenue on Alms House Rd.


Download a copy of the town forest trail map


Kiwanis Pool

About the Kiwanis Swimming Pool
The Kiwanis Swimming Pool is, to the best of our knowledge, the only privately owned, completely free to the public, swimming pool being run in the country. Every week throughout the summer more than 700 children and families enjoy the pool. Some come to beat the heat; some come to swim for exercise and some come for the free Red Cross swimming lessons.


A brief history of the pool
Each summer, St. Johnsbury and the surrounding areas used to lose several children to drowning in the local rivers. Recognizing the problem, The Kiwanis Club of St. Johnsbury decided to build a community swimming pool with lifeguards and swimming lessons for anyone who wished to participate. This would all be available to the general public for free.


The Kiwanis Club, along with many other local individuals and civic organizations built the pool during World War II. They had a special permission from the government to acquire the steel rebar used to reinforce the concrete walls because steel was being rationed during the war years. It took the club two years to acquire and stockpile materials before construction could begin. The pool officially opened on July 23, 1944.

When swim lesson registration open for the 2015 season we will have a link to .

St. Johnsbury baseball and Softball Fields

St. Johnsbury Baseball and Softball is our local youth provider of baseball and softball programs for area youth. They have two facilities, Leonard Fields (AKA- The Three Fields) on Alms House Road featuring a softball, transition, and minor league field and Legion Fields located off of Elm Street featuring a Little League and Babe Ruth baseball field.


St. J Baseball and Softball Website


Caledonia Trail Collaborative

The Caledonia Trail Collaborative is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that believes trails enhance the quality of life for area residents and contribute to the vibrancy of our communities. Our mission is to work with area stakeholders to create and manage sustainable, human-powered recreational trails that are open to the public; to promote responsible use, conservation, and youth participation; and to respect the values of our communities and the vision of landowners.


At present, we have about a mile and a half of publicly accessible singletrack open to the public, with plans for more in the works. The trailhead is located approximately 200 yards west of 450 Clark Rd. in Danville, VT. You will see a level parking area with a chain across the entrance. Simply lower the chain and put back up when you leave.


Please note: The trails are open during daytime hours. Dogs should be on a leash and smoking, camping, and campfires are all forbidden. Hunting is by permission of the landowners. Please keep in mind this is a quiet residential area. Please drive slowly, and, despite how pumped you may be for or after your ride, please avoid cranking your radio and hooting and hollering!


Visit the the Caledonia Trail Collaborative

Catamount Arts

The Mission of Catamount Arts is to inspire appreciation of and participation in the arts, promote the arts throughout the region, and cultivate the arts as an integral part of community life.


Their vision is to be a vibrant and sustainable Arts institution, serving as an essential force in the Arts for individuals, organizations and communities throughout the region.


St. Johnsbury Academy and RecFit are strong partners on many events, classes, and performances in the Northeast Kingdom.


Be sure to visit their website regularly for their most current list of activities.


Catamount Arts Website

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium

Explore your universe at the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium!


You’ll find animals and artifacts, shells and tools, gems and fossils and Vermont’s only public planetarium under a great Victorian arch on historic Main Street, St. Johnsbury. The centerpieces of our collections are habitat displays from the Cabinet of Curiosities of Franklin Fairbanks, the Museum’s founder. You’ll also be amazed by John Hampson’s “Bug Art,” our fascinating OmniGlobe, and state-of-the-art Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium.


The Museum features full-habitat dioramas created by local taxidermist William Balch that bring you face-to-face with 131 hummingbirds, an enormous moose, birds of paradise and a family of flamingos. You’ll find endangered and extinct species in the collection, including a pair of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers and 2 Passenger Pigeons.


The Museum is open daily 9 AM to 5 PM throughout the year (see website for holiday closings).


We are pleased to be partnering with the Museum and Planetarium for our Kamp Iwannahavfun program.


Learn more about Fairbanks

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

The St. Johnsbury Athenaeum is a private, nonprofit public library and art gallery located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The Athenaeum fills two roles: it serves the people of St. Johnsbury by enriching their lives, and it stands as a regional and national treasure – a monument to the nineteenth-century belief in learning. The Athenaeum is a legacy of the Fairbanks Family of St. Johnsbury, inventors and manufacturers of the world’s first platform scale, who gave the Athenaeum to the trustees of the institution in 1871. With his wealth Horace Fairbanks created a center of culture for the people of his town – a true “athenaeum.”


We are fortunate to partner with the Athenaeum each summer with our Kamp Iwannahavfun program.


St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Website

The St. Johnsbury School

The St. Johnsbury School and it’s beautiful facilities are home to many St. J Rec programs. The facility features a large gymnasium, smaller multi-purpose room, auditorium that is a great venue for the performing arts, two outdoor basketball courts, and a multi-use field for softball and soccer. The school serves as our “base camp” for our Kamp Iwannahavfun program.


Take a virtual tour of the school