Headmaster’s Newsletter

Track & Field Division 1 States @ Burlington

SJA Boys’ Score: 114.5

CVU 106, MTA 60, ESSEX 58, SB 52, BFA 46.5, MMU 39, NCU 28, BURL 21, RUT 20, COL 7, BRATT 6

SJA Boys’ Notes:

Led by superstar Evan Thornton-Sherman, who reset his state record in winning the 1500, also won the 3000, and ran on the winning 4×400 relay to secure the win for the boys. The 4×800 relay of Kai Liljequist, Patrick Keenan, Carson Eames and Nathaniel Bernier started the day off with the relay championship.
Gerado Fernadez, Evan, Andrew Bugbee and Andrew Thornton-Sherman capped the day with Evan on the championship 4×400 relay. Tobias Kamann, Kate Clements and Jaden Thomson placed 2,4,6 in high jump to add 13 points to the team total, Andrew TS and Ozzy Alsaid Ahmed placed 2-4 in the 300 hurdles to add 12 points, Andre Bugbee and Gerardo placed 2-3 in the 400 to add 14 point in that event as big scorers.
Jaden Thomson, Jaden Beardsley, Carbur Rousseau and Andrew Bugbee placed 2nd in the 4×100 relay.
Andrew TS also placed a huge 3rd in the 110 hurdles.
Jaden T placed 6th in the 100 and 4th with Andrew Bugbee 6th in the 200, Nathaniel B 6th in the 800, Hale Boyden 5th in the 1500 joining Evan as the 3rd Academy athlete to break 4:00 in the event. Kai Liljequist placed 6th in the 3000. Joining the High Jumpers in the field were Alejandro Orozco- Kuri, 4th in the long jump and triple jump with Aidan Brody 5th in triple.

SJA Girls’ Score: 44 (5th)

Essex 143, MMU 92, CVU 60, NCU 56

SJA Girls’ Notes:

Lizzy Jones repeated as VT state champion in the pole vault and won the shot put to as well as a 5th in discus lead the girls. Brooke White placed 4th in the 400m and ran on the 3rd place 4×400 relay with Desiree Mendez, Rylee Strohm and Franny Cozzens. Desiree placed 2nd in the 100 hurdles, Rylee also placed 5th in the 300 hurdles. The 4×800 or Wisteria Franklin, Peggy Fischer, Hazel Fay and Katie Ryan placed 6th.

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