Track and Field @ Green Mountain Union

SJA Boys’ Score: 176

GMU: 136, Sharon: 100, Leland and Gray: 35, Windsor: 17

SJA Girls’ Score: 142

GMU: 112, Sharon: 101, Windsor: 31, Mill River: 30, Leland and Gray: 26, Mt. St. Joseph: 11


Jaden Thomson won the 100 and 200, Patrick Keenan the 400, Evan Thornton-Sherman the 800, Jaden Beardsley the shot put and discus, Jaden T and Jaden B with Christian Aldridge and Gerardo Fernandez the 4×100 and Gerardo, Christian, Ryan Callaghan and Evan the 4×400 relay.

Franny Cozzens won the 400 , Adele Bernier the 3000, Desiree Mendez the 100 Hurdles, Kaylee McCaffery the Javelin, and Franny, Adele, Hazel Fay and Peggy Fischer won the 4×400 relay.

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