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Alpine @ Cochran’s


Boys’ – First place

Girls’ – Fourth place

The Alpine Team traveled to the nexus of community skiing in Vermont, Cochran’s Ski Area for a night slalom early in the week. The boy’s squad finished 1st with a strong performance by Wyatt Knauss in 4th place, David Kantor in 6th, Forester Goodrich in 8th, and Cameron Clark in 9th. The victory is ensured by Edwin Stephenen’s 12th place finish that broke the tie with South Burlington. The girl’s squad finished 4th, with a strong showing by Abby Kantor in 5th, Keating Maurer in 8th, Ruby Rolfe in 28th, and Alia Davis in 30th. The Alpine team will be traveling to Burke Mountain and Kingdom Trails a traditional Skimeister next week.


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