Daily Bulletin | Wednesday

February 16, 2022

White Day / Olympic Theme Day


Tomorrow we will follow an abbreviated schedule where we will both start and end the day with Chapel. Seniors — please remember to report to Fuller Hall for both Chapels on Thursday and Friday. All underclassmen should report to their normal advisory locations. 


A reminder that tomorrow is Class Theme Day! Freshmen — Grunge; Sophomores — Hip Hop; Juniors — Country; and Seniors — Rock n’ Roll!  


Please check your STJ lab accounts for your Spirit Squad Ballot. Vote for any two people of your choice by this afternoon. If you don’t know who to vote for, observe their school spirit, their ability to hype, and the general influencer traits that they emote and vote accordingly.


Senior Student Gov Reps — please meet Mr. Legge on the front steps of Fuller Hall immediately after Chapel for your yearbook photo.


Attention International Students — Any student wanting to take the March 12th TOEFL — must register by 3:30 PM today! Stop by the Guidance Office to register with Mrs. McCaffrey. 


Calling all juniors who are interested in applying to the University of Vermont next year. UVM will be offering a visitation day on March 1 for current juniors to get to know their school and their campus. If you are interested, please see the flyer outside of the Guidance Office.


A representative from VERTO will be on campus today at 10 am to meet with interested students from the class of 2023. Verto Education offers a full credit-bearing freshman semester or year abroad with direct transfer to one or more of our 70+ partner colleges, or the college of your choice. It’s a gap year without the “gap”, it’s more affordable than many university semesters, and the programs are specifically designed to fit into a student’s four year plan to earn their bachelor’s degree. It’s a great way to get a hands-on education in some amazing places while figuring out what you want to do in college and beyond. If you are interested in attending this visit, please stop by Guidance to sign up and make sure you check in with your B-block teachers before you attend.


Representatives from the Upward Bound program will be on campus today during C-block in Colby Conference Room. Students that are interested in the program may stop by during their lunch. Please stop by Guidance with any questions.


Codecraft Club will not meet today. Please consider joining your class Winter Carnival efforts instead, and we look forward to seeing you in the Maker Space again after the break.


Dungeons and Dragons club will not meet today. See you after break!


Interested in job opportunities in Vermont? Check in with Mr. Carr via email at acarr@stjacdemy.org for more information on the virtual Vermont Job Fairs.


Cheesecake, Cookies, and Pastries, Oh my! Stop by the Bake Sale in front of the Library during Winter Carnival to see what the Culinary Arts classes have been baking for you. Cash sales only, so bring a few dollars and buy a treat to give you extra energy for the Winter Carnival games. 


Winter Carnival fun is happening this Thursday February 17, 2020 in the cafe down on the first floor of Streeter. The cafe will be open until 5:30pm and will have iced cold brewed coffee and other fun treats!  After school, we will offer chicken tender & fry baskets, pizza roll baskets, and much more!  On Friday, the cafe will have coffee and other treats in the morning, too! Cash or student account funds only please!  


Tips to dominate in Friday’s Know Your Friend Game include: Bringing a pen or pencil, bringing a friend. Becoming familiar with your friend’s favorite K pop song, recognizing what your friend’s catchphrase is, and fully understanding which M&M color is the best, while of course noting that the green one just got cancelled.


Hey Sophomores! Where can you learn about hip-hop so we can win Winter Carnival? On the wiki-wiki-wiki. Come to Severance 22 every day this week from 3:30-4:30 to create our Class Banner.  Also, be ready to bust some moves during Dance practices in the Dining hall function room Thursday after school and Friday morning at 8:15. Time to get our sophomore groove started!


(To the tune of Country Roads…) Almost heaven- St. Jay campus; big green mountains, and the Sleepers River.; Life is good here, surrounded by the mountains; the Academy is younger… but way older than me; St. J roads…take me home… to paint the banner, where I belong; and to the Black Box with the dancers; to prep for Thursdays winter carnival dancing song!  2023 Rocks!


I saw your faces, now I’m a believer, No more doubt in my mind! I’m feelin’ love, I’m a believer, I couldn’t doubt you if I tried! Seniors, you showed up strong yesterday! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with the banner this afternoon in Street 225 at 3:30 pm. I also hope you’re stretching and preparing for the dance competition because I’m a believer yeah, yeah, yeah!


Tomorrow the sun will rise, and the sun will set. Millions will overpay for coffee and regret doing so. Politicians will argue, yell, and stand put rather than move forward. Birds will sing and complainers will complain. Weather forecasters will be wrong. Winter Carnival will be fun! Your class has a 25 percent chance of winning Winter Carnival. Appreciate each day, especially because you get to spend it at St. Johnsbury Academy.


Attention Class of 2025:

Come as you are, as you were

Paint a Banner with me

Bring a friend, until the end
with some old acrylic paaaaaint yeah, acrylic paaaaint yeah


We crushed it yesterday, Fresh-people! Come as you to Colby 206- Ms. Meranze’s room- at 3:30 pm today to keep the jam jamming. See you then!


Happy Birthday today to Alden Berry and Taylor Farnsworth!


Varsity Girls Basketball lost to Rice, 37-27.


Boys Ice Hockey lost to Brattleboro, 6-1.





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