COVID-19 Updates

Reminder of how to proceed after a positive COVID Test: please see the chart here: What to Do if You Test Positive for COVID-19 | Vermont Department of Health 


Also, a reminder that testing kits are still available at the Health Center if you need them — please stop by and pick them up while supplies last.


SJA COVID FAQ — March 11, 2022


Can we still wear a mask if we choose to do so?

Yes, anyone who prefers to continue to wear a mask may choose to do so for as long as they wish, and we will continue to encourage people to follow the general recommendations issued by the Vermont Department of Health.


Can masks be required for Chapel/lunch line/large gatherings?

No, the State of Vermont has dropped all guidance, including the mask mandate for all Vermont K-12 schools, regardless of their vaccination rate. Schools are no longer allowed to require a student, faculty, or staff member to wear a mask at any time.


I plan to continue to wear a mask. Can I ask others to wear one too?

No one should ask anyone else about their mask-wearing choices. This is a personal decision, and as a community, we will be respectful of the choices that others make.


Will contact tracing still be taking place and will we be notified of positive cases within our school community?

No, all contact tracing requirements for schools has been rescinded and we will no longer be sending updates for positive cases within our community. However, we will still be asking people to stay home when they are not feeling well and to test if they are showing any symptoms of COVID or have been around a COVID-positive person to help reduce the spread. If a student appears to be sick in the classroom, they should be encouraged to check in with the nurses’ office in the same caring way we always do.


Is St. Johnsbury Academy keeping their COVID-19 vaccination policy?

Yes, the Academy will still require that all employees are up to date and optimally vaccinated as outlined in SJA’s COVID-19 Vaccination policy. Currently, the CDC’s and VDOH definition of “optimally vaccinated” means that you have had either 2 shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vacations or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccination, as well as a booster shot. Please be sure to submit all proof of vaccinations and boosters to Crystal Rutledge in the HR office.


ATTENTION: Fall Student-Athletes and Parents

Fall student-athletes and parents: You must watch the Athletics Policies & Expectations video and complete all forms. The forms must be completed before student-athletes can begin practicing with their team.


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