SJA Spectator Policy

Spectator guidelines:

  • Events will NOT be open to the general public.

  • SJA and visiting schools are allotted 2 guests per athlete.

  • Guests may only include immediate family or household members.

  • At no time shall the total number of spectators per visiting team exceed 75.

  • At no time shall the total number of spectators at an entire event exceed 150.

  • Contact tracing information will be required of all spectators.


Arrival to campus:

  • All spectators must pass a temperature check and health screening upon arrival.

  • Masks MUST be worn by ALL spectators while entering campus and during the event.

  • Approved spectators will be matched to a list previously submitted by the visiting school.

  • Spectators attempting to enter an event who are not listed will not be admitted.

  • Visiting & Home spectators will be designated to specifically marked areas for the event.

  • Individual portalets will be designated for athletes, visiting & home spectators.

  • Indoor facilities are closed to all spectators.

  • No concessions will be available.


Departure from campus:

  • Once an event has concluded spectators should return to their vehicle wearing a mask and depart from campus immediately.