Thank you for joining the St. Johnsbury Academy Virtual Golf Benefit.


Have fun and take pictures! These can be shared on the tournament feed in the app.



Here are some items for you to do before you play:


18 birdies logoDownload the 18Birdies app for iPhone or Android  and sign up.


Access the app, click play at the bottom of the screen, click on tournament, and enter the Tournament Code to log into the SJA Virtual Golf Benefit. The tournament code is 8132.



Play your round of golf anytime and anywhere between September 17 and October 25, 2020.


  • It’s a scramble so ask your friends to join you.


  • The 18Birdies app acts as your scorecard, and gives you accurate yardage for your next shot.


  • Take pictures of your foursome, and any stunning vistas on your course. Remember, we can have golfers anywhere around the world!


  • Use the Tournament Feed to share pictures and comments during your round.


  • If you’re playing at the same time as someone else, some good natured ribbing can be fun.


  • If you cannot access the app during your round, enter your score when you can (while enjoying your favorite beverage at the 19th hole?).


  • Once you enter your score for the round, check the leaderboard to see where you stand.


  • You can still participate in the Tournament Feed even after you finish your round. It will remain open until October 25, 2020. Check back as often as you wish.