This year St. Johnsbury Academy is thrilled to offer an expansive summer program including Prep & Enrichment Courses, Athletic Camps, and Bridge Programs.


Prep & Enrichment Courses will run between the weeks of June 20–July 28. The prep courses are for 8th graders and the enrichment classes are for grades 7-12 except for Moving Minds and Muscles which is open to students in the 6th through 8th grade. The length and time of courses will vary depending on the offering.


We have a robust schedule of Athletics Programs grades 3-12. And our Bridge Programs are for students moving from 8th to 9th grade.


Financial Assistance
You may be eligible for financial assistance, for more information contact Betsy Legendre at



Prep & Enrichment Courses


Finding Your Inner Voice


Dates: June 20–July 8
Time: 9:00a.m–12:00p.m.
Instructor: Steve Levesque
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


Are you passionate about a cause? Do you like nature? Do you like to write? Well, this is the course for you. During this humanities course students will explore and analyze the works of transcendentalists such as Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Margaret Fuller, and how they defied the majority to become an agent of change. By listening to music, viewing art, and exploring nature, students will also experience modern day examples of transcendentalism and self-reliance. Students will engage in creative writing exercises, discussions, practical lessons, and off campus learning opportunities in order to express their own inner voice.

Human Geography


Dates: June 20–July 8
Time: 9:00a.m–12:00p.m.
Instructor: Kathryn Lemieux
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


In this course, students will explore how humans have understood, used, and changed the surface of Earth. You’ll use the tools and thinking processes of geographers to examine patters of human population, migration, and land use. The course will dive into what geography is and how human interaction determines geographical patterns, while also learning about globalization, how different religions spread, the psychical geography influences on farming practices, and urban design and urbanization. 

French II Prep Course


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 9:00–11:00a.m.
Instructor: Ellen Meranze
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


This course is designed for those students who have completed a French I course previously and are interested in enrolling in French II for the 2022-23 school year. This course will cover all strands of language learning, including speaking, reading, and writing, using music, videos, movies, magazines, short stories, and worksheets, among many other things.

The Game of Chess


Dates: June 20–July 1
Time: 9:00-11:00a.m.
Instructor: Ty Hartshorn
Credits: 1
Cost: $750


This course teaches the game of chess, while helping students improve academic gains, critical thinking skills, and instill confidence in themselves.  Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between learning the game of chess and improved math skills and improvements in reading comprehension.  Chess has been adopted into the curriculum of several international countries, including France, Quebec, and Russia. 

Commercial Dance


Dates: June 20-24
Time: 10:00a.m.–12:00p.m.
Instructor: Emma Carr
Credits: .5
Cost: $500


In this course, students will explore the different styles of commercial dance, including hip-hop, jazz, and pom dancing.  Students will start with the traditional warmup, including conditioning components, and will have the opportunity to learn a short choreography at each class.  At the end of the course, student will produce their own work either as a solo or small group dance.

Environmental Dance Techniques


Dates: June 27–July 1
Time: 10:00a.m.–12:00p.m.
Instructor: Emma Carr
Credits: .5
Cost: $500


Student enrolled in Environmental Dance Technique will focus on the use of dance in site-specific choreography. By taking in their surroundings, students will create a performing work that encapsulates the space in which they are dancing. Students will have the opportunity to revise and refine their work by using various constructive feedback techniques. They will also have the ability to review the works of professionals in the world of dance and learn how to identify the techniques that they use in their choreographies. This course will be conducted mostly in an outdoor setting, but there will also be a classroom component for when the students analyze choreographies and learn about the different methodologies of providing constructive feedback.

Summer Dance: Ballet & Modern


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 8:00–10:00a.m.
Instructor: Marianne Hraibi
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


The Modern Dance Technique of Martha Graham is the basis of these classes which progress carefully from a basic and thorough introduction to an energetic, challenging, and healthful movement experience. This dance course will introduce and develop fundamental technique basic to both modern dance and ballet. The course focuses on proper body alignment while it teaches correct use of muscles groups. Emphasis is on lengthening and toning muscles while striving to work with freedom. Classes focus on correct technique as well as proper body conditioning and toning. Instruction is geared to individual student’s needs. The work of class conditions the body by increasing core strength, flexibility, balance, stretch, and agility while providing students with professional training.

Social Media Branding and Marketing


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 1:00–3:00p.m.
Instructor: Robert Kirk
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


Students in this class will gain an understanding of how to use social media to communicate the products, services, personality, values, heritage, and cultural associations of a brand. The class will explore examples of current, successful social media marketing. Students will then do an audit of their personal use of social media and develop a personal strategy with a better understanding of why this is important as they look toward college and career. The final project will be to develop a social media visual design and strategy for a brand of their choosing.



Dates: June 27–July 22
Time: 9:00–11:00a.m.
Instructor: Susannah Gould
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


This course is to serve as a bridge between elementary mathematics and Algebra.  This course will build a foundation of algebraic concepts with the use of technology, manipulatives, problem solving, and cooperative learning.  Concepts include algebraic expressions, linear equations, polynomials, factoring, inequalities, geometry, statistics, and graphing. Problem solving, reasoning, estimation, and connections between math and everyday applications will be emphasized throughout Pre-Algebra.  This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra I.

Algebra I


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 9:00–11:00a.m.
Instructor: Daniel Bosco
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


This course consists of the rules of Algebra with an emphasis on linear functions. Students will learn to evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions and linear equations. In addition, students in this course will evaluate, analyze, and graph functions and relations. Applications of systems of equations will be studied using both algebra and analytic geometry. Data analysis and linear regression will be explored.

Pre-Calculus (OnLINE)


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 8:00–10:00a.m.
Instructor: Molly Meehl
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


This online course develops the analytic skills necessary to describe the behavior of mathematical functions. Topics include algebraic expressions, u-substitution, higher degree polynomials, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions, function composition, inverses of functions, transformations of functions, and polynomial and synthetic division. In this course students will explore broad applications of mathematical ideas as they pertain to the field of business, the social sciences, computer science, and number theory. The goal of this course is to prepare students to interpret data, to construct algorithms, and to build mathematical models to analyze and solve problems. Topics include probability, data analysis, sequences and series, and logic.

English as a Second Language


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 7:00–9:00a.m.
Instructor: Ellen Meranze
Credits: 1
Cost: $1500


We will be offering an online summer ESL course for a small group of incoming SJA students this summer and would like to invite your students to enroll. This will be a basic ESL course for students likely to enroll in beginning ESL in the fall. The program will meet June 20–July 22 (not meeting on July 4) from 7:00–9:0a.m. EST.


The instructor will be SJA faculty member Ellen Meranze. Kendra Brazeau, ESL Department chair, will advise on the curriculum. This course is for students who have studied basic English but are not yet proficient enough to receive most of their academic instruction in English. Using conversations, reading selections, grammar exercises, and writing opportunities which provide practice in grammatical structures, this course enables students to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Vocabulary and oral expression are emphasized, and students receive personal attention in this small class.

Creative Writing


Dates: June 20–July 22
Time: 9:30–11:30a.m. Mondays and Thursdays
Instructor: Jennifer MacKenzie
Credits: .5
Cost: $750


Do you have a sci-fi or fantasy idea you’re burning to get on to the page? Have you always wanted to write poetry but never knew where to start? Summer is the perfect time to stretch your imagination. In this course, students will explore short fiction and poetry, producing a new finished piece of writing each week. We’ll also read student-selected examples of contemporary stories and poems for inspiration and to expand our techniques. Through a workshop, seminar-style format, students will be guided through the process of revising their favorite pieces. Wear sturdy shoes—we may take short walks outside or visit local museums and art galleries for inspiration, too! 

Open Books, Deep Breaths, Novel Perspectives


Dates: June 20–July 1 (all-day celebratory field trip on July 6)
Time: 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. 
Instructor: Katy Smith
Credits: .5
Cost: $750


See the world from a fresh perspective! In this course, we will share the experience of reading, book discussion, journaling, self-reflection, and light meditation… but that’s not all! We will engage in these soul/mind/body-enriching activities while perched and settled in unique locations around St. Johnsbury and the surrounding area. Think balconies, rooftops, towers, fields, forests, shores, and mountaintops!  


Experience the nourishing salve of books, pen, paper, introspection, and human connection, all from special locations with memorable points of view.  


Please note, there will be some light-to-moderate walking involved in the course.

Moving Minds and Muscles


Week 1: July 5–July 8: Park It

Week 2: July 11–July 14: Learning to Lead

Week 3: July 18–July 21: Building Community

Week 4: July 25–July 28: Destination Creation

Instructor: Ilene Dickinson
Cost: Tuition Free


Moving Minds and Muscles is back for another four weeks of adventure and learning this summer. Students will play, learn, and exercise as they explore local and regional communities by engaging in authentic place-based learning activities. If you’re looking for an active camp that keeps your child moving, this is it! Your child will be challenged to expand their mind, confidence, and physical abilities while participating in field trips to local organizations, state parks, and outdoor recreational activity centers.


Moving Minds and Muscles is open to students entering grades 6-8 in the fall. Camp operates Monday through Thursday (apart from the week of the 4th of July, when we will meet Tuesday through Friday), with drop-off starting at 8:00 am and pick-up by 4:00 pm.


Week 1: Park It!

How many State Parks are there in Vermont and New Hampshire? How has our land changed over time? Week 1 will see campers visiting different Vermont and New Hampshire State Parks every day! Campers will learn about local geology and ecology as they explore these local treasures. 


Week 2: Learning to Lead

Why does developing leadership skills matter? Why is teamwork important? What makes a successful team? During Week 2, campers will be engaged in activities to build self-confidence and discover their true potential. Campers should be prepared to visit the Tree-Top Obstacle Challenge course at ArborTrek.


Week 3: Building Community

Who makes up our town leadership? How did they get there? How do you become governor? During Week 3, campers will visit with local leaders and test their own leadership potential.


Week 4: Destination Creation

How have past innovators shaped our local communities? How hard can those “Minute-to-win-it” challenges be? Week 4 is all about meeting local innovators, past and present, and discovering and incubating the maker inside of each camper.


Hilltopper Sports Camps


To register for any of our Hilltopper Sports Camps, you will need to:


1. Create a parent account at Self Registration, and then be sure to add each additional household member by selecting “Add Relationship”.


2. Once you do that, you can see and register for all of our programs by selecting the “Hilltopper Sports Camps” tab.


*Please make note of which household member you have selected when you return to view our programs. What you see available for programs may be age, grade, or gender-dependent.


If you encounter any issues, please contact Joe Fox at or Julia Kearney at


Payment is due at the time of registration for programs. If you require tuition assistance, have further questions, or prefer to pay by cash or check, you can visit RecFit during our regular business hours.


Week #1 (June 20-24)


Football Youth Camp
June 20-24, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-11:30pm for students entering grades 3-8


Girls’ Lacrosse Youth Camp
June 20-24, Monday-Friday, 5:00-7:00pm for girls’ entering grades 3-8


Track & Field Youth Camp
June 21-July 21, every Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm for students ages 7-15 on December 31, 2022 and have not entered high school


Week #2 (June 27-30)


Basketball Youth Camp
June 27-30, Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-1:00pm for students entering grades 4-8


Ultimate Frisbee Youth Camp
June 27-30, Monday-Thursday, 1:00-4:00pm for students entering grades 3-8


Week #3 (July 5-8)


Field Hockey High School Camp
July 6-9, Wednesday-Saturday


Week #4 (July 11-15)


Volleyball Youth Camp
July 11-15, Monday-Friday, 9:00-10:30a.m. for students entering grades 6-8


Week #5 (July 18-23)


State Championship Track & Field
Meet at SJA! — Saturday, July 23


Field Hockey Youth Camp
July 18-21, Monday-Thursday, 5:00-7:00p.m. for students entering grades 4-7


Cheerleading Summer Camp
July 19-21, Drop off and pickuo at the Field House Lobby 
9:30a.m. to 10:30a.m. (K-5) and 10:30a.m. to (6-8)


Week #6 (July 25-29)


Soccer Youth Camp
July 25-29, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm for students entering grades 3-8


High School Mini-Camps for All Fall Sports
July 25-29, Times TBD, grades 9-12
No registration required for the Mini-Camps. More information coming soon.

group of sports icons



Bridge Programs




Dates: July 24-28 beginning on Sunday afternoon


HALO is a five-day pre-orientation program for incoming St. Johnsbury Academy first-year students, is an integral part of our bridge programming. Rising 9th graders will participate in a week filled with community-building activities and reflection, meet with students who serve as current leaders at the Academy, participate with them in activities such as The Amazing Race, Scavenger Hunts, Community Service Programming, Challenge Courses, and much more. The acronym HALO stands for Hilltopper Aspiring Leadership Program. HALO is designed to be a fun and transformative experience that builds confidence while forming important relationships with peers, students, and staff.


In addition to the community-building opportunities, students will be introduced to many of the Academy traditions, as well as gain an understanding of our commitment to the development of one’s individual character and responsibilities in a learning community. Students will also have  the opportunity to gain exposure to our Academic Expectations and engage with our staff to help get a head start in understanding our Canvas (Learning Management System).


If interested, please contact our Campus Life Office at

HALO Students outdoors

Operation Creation


Dates: July 5–22; Monday through Friday


Operation Creation is a three-week program simulating an employment experience for incoming 9th-grade students from St. Johnsbury and the surrounding areas. The program will begin July 5, running Monday through Friday until July 22. Students will go through the full employment experience starting with filling out an application and asking people for references; having an interview with the program director; receiving a letter; then if accepted,  starting the program and getting paid at the end of each week. The students will gain experience in working, restaurant management, and community service. Each participant will earn $100 for each week, open a savings account and deposit $75 into the bank and receive a check for $25. Thanks to our local business’ gracious donations of both time and money, Operation Creation has been running successfully for the past nine years. It is their commitment to helping our local youth learn employability skills, gain confidence, and see the wealth of opportunities our community offers, that has been instrumental in helping our students become more motivated and successful in school, and become more active and engaged community members.