The Hilltopper Restaurant

The Hilltopper Restaurant is open to the public and is serviced by Academy students to provide real-world restaurant experience. The restaurant is a ”working classroom.” Students are instructed in meal preparation, hosting and wait-staff, procurement, food safety, and the financial management of a business establishment.


Students in both Culinary I and Culinary II utilize The Hilltopper Restaurant as a “working classroom.” Students in Culinary I learn the fundamentals of the methods of chemistry of cooking and baking, basic prep, soups and sauces and operating a culinary bake shop and catering kitchen. Students are required to be trained in the American Culinary Federation approved ServSafe program.


In the Culinary II course, students build on skills learned from Culinary I and devote the entire year to working in The Hilltopper Restaurant learning all aspects of restaurant management and culinary skills needed to work in a food-service environment.


St. Johnsbury Academy’s culinary program is one of 140 secondary and vocation programs throughout the United States accredited by the American Culinary Federation.


For information regarding The Hilltopper Restaurant, please call Sue Libbey at (802) 748-8965 or email her at


The Hilltopper Restaurant is located at 1216 Main Street in St. Johnsbury.